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Windowpane Flounders camouflage to hide from prey and predators. Can you spot the Windowpane Flounders in these pictures from the tanks at the Meigs Point Nature Center?

That’s some good camouflage!
A little easier to spot this one.

Vocabulary Words

  • Camouflage – a defense or tactic that organisms use to disguise their appearance.
  • Pelagic – inhabiting the upper layers of the open sea.

Fun Facts

  • When first hatched, they have an eye on each side of their head.  As they grow, they flatten and the right eye moves over to the left side of its head, so both eyes are on the flounder’s left side of its head!
  • Windowpane flounders get their name from their thin, nearly translucent bodies and fins.
  • They can darker or lighten the color of their bodies to blend in with the color of the sand they are on. This is a type of camouflage.
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