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  • Predator – an animal that kills and eats another.
  • Carnivore – an animal that feeds on flesh.
  • Species – group of animals that can reproduce with each other.
  • Sub-species – can reproduce with each other, but have traits that make them unique to a certain area.
  • Canine – relating to or resembling a dog.
  • Adaptable – able to adjust to new conditions.
  • Nocturnal – done, occurring or active at night.

Fun Facts

  • Coyotes are only seen in Central and North America.
  • Coyotes are good swimmers.
  • Coyotes can run up to 40 miles an hour.
  • Coyotes are monogamous, they have one mate for their whole life.
  • Coyote pups are born blind.
  • Coyotes either hunt alone or in pairs.


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