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  • Bivalve – an aquatic mollusk with a hinged shell that encloses its body, Examples include clams, mussels, oysters and scallops. They are filter feeders so they absorb toxins in the water at a faster rate than some other animals.
  • Jingle shell – a common bivalve found on the Atlantic coast of North America. They can be yellow, orange or black. They are sometimes called mermaid’s toenails.

Fun Facts

  • When a Moon Snail comes out of its shell, its body will completely cover the shell. This helps it to absorb more water, which it then must secrete when it is time to go back into its shell.
  • Two of the eight legs of swimming crabs, such as the Lady Crab and Blue Crab, have a flattened, paddle-like shape.
  • Kelp (a brown algae) can get up to 21 ft long in its 7 years of life!
  • Skates, rays and sharks can all be found in Long Island Sound.

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