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  • Nocturnal – Animals that are active primarily at night.
  • Spade – Another word for shovel and is used for digging.

Fun Facts

  • The Spadefoot Toad got it’s name because of it’s shovel-shaped feet, which it uses to dig with.
  • One of the differences between toads and frogs is that toads do not have teeth.
  • The Spadefoot Toad has cat-like vertical pupils in it’s eyes so it can see better at night since it is nocturnal.
  • Because the Spadefoot Toad likes to burrow itself into the soil, it helps to aerate the soil.
  • During hibernation, the Spadefoot Toads curl into a tight ball and excrete a fluid that hardens the soil around them, forming a compact area that holds in moisture.

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