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  • Native – Naturally occurring in an area.
  • Jacobson’s organ – patch of sensory cells within the main nasal chamber that can distinguish odors.
  • Oviparous – egg laying animal.
  • Ectothermic – an animal that relies on external sources for body heat.
  • Articulated – having 2 or more sections connected by a flexible joint.

Fun Facts

  • Racer snakes can move at 8 to 10 miles per hour, about as fast as a jogger.
  • They swallow their food live and whole.
  • They can eat food that is three times bigger than their heads because they have articulated jaws.
  • Their favorite foods are amphibians, frogs and salamanders. The more they eat, the faster they grow.
  • They smell with their forked tongues and use the difference in the strength of the scent between their right and left to know which way to go to find prey.

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