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  • Vernal Pool – water that collects in land depressions in the spring from rains and melting snow. This pool dries up and disappears in warmer weather.
  • Camouflage – the ability to blend into one’s environment.

Fun Facts

  • Grey tree frogs lay their eggs in vernal pools. Then they live the rest of the time in trees.
  • They are very acrobatic. They can jump from branch to branch to catch their prey.
  • Their scientific name is Hyla Versicolor which is Latin for variable color.
  • Tree frogs can change from white to almost black, and sometimes even green. They turn darker when it is cooler outside and getting dark, then they turn lighter when it is getting warmer and brighter outside.
  • They have very sticky feet and can cling to almost anything.
  • They actually freeze in the winter and their heart stops! Then they thaw in the spring. They can do this by making an antifreeze like substance that protects their body cells.
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