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  • Atlatl – a hunting tool that is used to throw a dart farther distances. It extends the reach of your arm, therefore, allowing more leverage to achieve greater thrust and velocity when throwing.
  • Dart – a pointed spear shaped projectile with a sharp point designed to fly through the air and can be thrown by the Atlatl.
  • Fletching – a fin-shaped structure, usually feathers, on the end of a dart or arrow to create stabilization.

Fun Facts

  • The Atlatl includes a throwing handle at the front, a long extension rod, and a holder at the back (hook-shaped) to hold the end of the dart that is being thrown.
  • Atlatl is from an Aztec Nahuatl language word for spear thrower that is pronounced as “Aht-lah-tul” or “Atul-atul.”
  • This tool is known to be used by Upper Paleolithic Indians in Europe at least 17,000 years ago. Atlatls are found all over the world, but are not known to have been used on the African continent.
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