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  • Invasive Plants – A species or type of plant that is not native to the ecosystem, is harmful to it and tends to spread out of control.

Fun Facts

  • Gillette Castle State Park was once owned by William Gillette, a famous actor best known for playing Sherlock Holmes.
  • Mr. Gillette loved trains and had a small train and 3 miles of train tracks on his property. He often entertained famous people and liked to scare his guests by driving the train very fast.
  • Many of the trails in the park consist of the old train track beds and includes train tunnels.
  • It took 20 men five years to build the Gillette castle. The castle is made of native field stone and hand carved Southern Oak wood.
  • Mr. Gillette owned a houseboat called the Aunt Polly which burned and sank in the CT River.

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