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Today is ABCs of Our Backyard Day!

While I was hiking yesterday I thought it would be fun to capture in photos what I was seeing along the way…a little difficult when you are hiking with two dogs.  So when I came home I decided to change it up a little bit and take photos of things I saw in our backyard that began with the letters of the alphabet.  This was a little harder, but it made me focus on finding things.  For example I knew there had to be a bird’s nest in our yard, other than the chickadee’s nest in the birdhouse that I did not want to disturb.  I finally found one from last year tucked inside the hydrangea bush, it blended in really well! After you listen to the…not exactly, limericks below see if you can find them in the photos.

A is for Azalea.  I know it is not native, but I thought I would be creative.

B is for Blueberry.  The flowers are in bloom; the blueberries aren’t ready yet, but they will be soon.

C is for Compost.   For growing plants it is great; I am sure you will not debate.

D is for Dandelion.  From French “dent-de-lion”, “tooth of the lion”; a look at the leaves will show you I am not lying. 

E is for Earthworm.  A treasure to be sure; they aerate the soil or can be used for a lure.

F is for Fairy House.  I think you will agree; it would be a nice place for a chipmunk family.

G is for Garlic Mustard.  An invasive, it’s a scourge; they ought to be removed I must urge.

H is for Hemlock Tree.  Loved by the wooly adelgid; they suck the sap and harm the tree, something you don’t want even for free.

I is for Ivy.  For insects a habitat; found among the vines and leaves; a place to hide from a bat.

J is for Jewelweed.  Please touch-me-not; my seeds will explode and there will be loads; but it is a fact my sap can be used for itchy poison ivy. 

K is for Kind…and sweet as they can be; Sophie loves to smell the tulips and Eliza just lets them be.

L is for Ladybug.  Spots on my back; you can keep track – to determine what kind I might be. 

M is for Moss.  A carpet for the boss; needs water that can’t be lost; rhizoids, not roots, they are a boost for lawns, for you, and me. 

N is for Nest. A bird’s place to take a rest; or where babies are best left be.

O is for Oak.  The fact is all three – Connecticut, Illinois, and Maryland – have it as their state’s tree.

P is for Pipsissewa.  Also known as stripped or spotted wintergreen; look on the forest floor where it can be seen. 

Q is for Queen Bee.  The Queen looks for a place to live in, or by, a tree, mother of most, she can boast she will be protected by her worker bees. 

R is for Rhyme…much better than mine.  The kiss of the sun for pardon; the song of the birds for mirth; one is nearer God’s heart in a garden; than any place on earth. 

S is for Stonewall.  Some look like they could fall; it is much better to have them than a mall.

T is for Trillium.  Three leaves, sepals and petals for all of ‘um.

U is for Underneath.  A look is fun beneath a log, or rock or even a leaf. 

V is for Violet.  (Some) Roses are red; (some) violets are blue; sugar is sweet and so are you…that is definitely true!

W is for White-faced Hornet.  A hornet you don’t want to torment in its large hanging paper nest; leaving it alone is best. Not a true hornet, but rather a wasp; no matter the sting will last!

X is for Xylem.   Xylem found within a tree; helps to bring water up from roots to where it need be. 

Y is for Yellow Tulips and Daffodils.  Spring bulbs that will brighten any sills.

Z is for ZZZZZ’s.  I think I will sleep under the stars…if she agrees.

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