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Short-eared Owl


  • Tundra – A vast, flat treeless region where the subsoil is permanently frozen.
  • Roost – A place where birds regularly settle or congregate to rest at night.
  • Crepuscular – Animals that are active primarily at dusk or twilight.
  • Nocturnal – Animals that are active primarily at night.
  • Talons – The large hooked claw of a bird of prey.

Fun Facts

  • They are called short-eared owls since they do not have very long ear tufts like other owls.
  • The short-eared owl is one of only two types of owls that live in Hawaii.
  • The male owls put on a flying show, flying in different patterns to attract a female.
  • These owls live in nests mounded on the ground and will sometimes form large colonies of owls that will live close together. This is unusual for owls, since most other types of owls are territorial and live isolated from each other.
  • Since the short-eared owl nests on the ground, the baby owls will first learn to walk and jump before learning to fly.

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