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Vocabulary Words

  • Migration – seasonal movement of animals from one region to another
  • Molt – shed old feathers, hair, skin, or an old shell, to make way for a new growth
  • Decapod – a crustacean with five pairs of thoracic appendages (legs), such as shrimp, lobsters and crabs.
  • Crustacean – largely aquatic arthropods that have an exoskeleton, a pair of often much modified appendages on each segment, and two pairs of antennae, such as lobsters, shrimp and crabs.
  • Planktonic – microscopic organisms that float in the ocean rather than living on the seafloor.

Fun Facts

  • Lobsters lay up to 75,000 eggs
  • Lobsters have 10 legs.  The first pair are claws.  The crusher claw is large and nubby.  The other, the pincher claw, is long and sharp.
  • Lobsters are right and left handed like people. The dominant claw is usually the crusher claw. 
  • Lobsters are the largest crustaceans in CT. 
  • When a lobster molts, it will often eat the old shell to recoup the nutrients.
  • Lobsters can migrate over 225 miles.

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