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  • Undulate – to form or move in waves.
  • Sargasso Sea – tract of comparatively still water in the North Atlantic lying chiefly between 25° and 35° north and 40° and 70° west and containing thick seaweed growth. Here is a link with more information:
  • Buoyant – capable of floating.
  • Ventral – being or located near or on the anterior or lower surface of an animal opposite the back.
  • Dorsal – relating to or situated near or on the back especially of an animal or of one of its parts.
  • Plankton – the passively floating, or weakly swimming, usually minute animal and plant life of a body of water.

Fun Facts

  • There are 800 species of eels.
  • Female eels lay 4 million eggs.
  • Eels from Europe and America swim to the same sea so it is possible that American and European eels could be related.
  • Eels are somewhat mysterious and not that much is actually known about them.
  • Eels live in fresh water until they become adults and then they swim to salt water and ultimately the Sargasso Sea.
  • They are considered a food delicacy by some (even the larva, known as glass eels).

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