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Of note

Some birds mentioned during the program

Oyster Catcher
Piping Plover
Piping Plover chicks


  • Scurvy – a disease caused by a vitamin C deficiency, which particularly affected malnourished sailors
  • Invasive – any kind of organism not naturally found in an ecosystem and causes harm
  • Native – organism naturally occurring in an ecosystem and not introduced by humans
  • Dunes – natural buffers between a beach area and a salt marsh or other habitat.

Fun Facts

  • The sand dune in this video is man made.
  • The berries of dune plants poison ivy and bayberry are eaten by swallows to give them energy for their fall migration.
  • The fruit or hips of the dune plant rugasa rose are so high in Vitamin C that they were harvested and eaten by sailors to avoid becoming “scurvy dogs, argh!”

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