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Vocabulary Words

  • Plastron – the part of the shell that covers the underside of the turtle.
  • Carapace – the hard upper shell of a turtle, crustacean, or arachnid.
  • Scute – a bony external plate or scale overlaid with horn on the shell of a turtle.

Fun Facts

  • In the wild, Eastern Box Turtles can live to be over 100 years old.
  • Females have a flat plastron and typically dull yellow or brown eyes, while males have a concave plastron and usually bright red or orange eyes.
  • A Box turtle’s plastron is hinged, so that it can be brought up in the front and back to meet the carapace and completely seal the turtle inside.
  • Females can carry their eggs inside them for up to 4 years if environmental conditions are not favorable, and wait to lay the eggs until a better time.
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