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Vocabulary Words

  • Crepuscular  – Animal is active at twilight.
  • Carnivore – – animal that feeds on meat.  teeth with large front canine teeth
  • Camouflage–  something that helps the animal by making it difficult to see in the area around it; example: speckles or spots on a bobcat that makes them blend in with the leave and light.

Fun Facts

  • The Bobcat is a Member of the Lynx Rufus family (4 species): North American (Bobcat), Eurasian (largest sized), Iberian (most rare), Canadian.
  • It is called a Bobcat due to the bobbed-like (short) tail.
  • Because the Bobcat is crepuscular, its eye sockets are big (about a quarter of the skull) so that it can see better when is not very light.
  • Bobcats have been seen at Hammonasset State Park.

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