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Beach comb the wrack line for seaweeds, identify them, and learn more about them.Seaweeds of Niantic, ︎︎Niantic Beaches Living Ecosystem Project

Vocabulary Words

  • Algae – a nonflowering aquatic plant that includes seaweed.
  • Wrack Line – the line of debris left on the beach by high tide.
  • Sponge – simple aquatic animals with dense, yet porous, skeletons.
  • Coral – colonial marine invertebrates.
  • Wave Action – the movement of water on the shore.

Fun Facts

  • Up to 3 million people visit Hammonasset a year.
  • Gulls like to walk along the wrack line looking for food.
  • People like to look along the wrack line for shells, rocks, whelk egg cases, sponges and seaweed – Lots of things to be found!
  •  Winds and waves from the East take sand away from our beach in winter.
  • Winds and waves from the West deposit sand in the summer!
  •  Remember— as you beach comb and visit the shore

             “Take nothing but pictures and memories. Leave nothing but footprints”

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