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Today is Adopt a Tree Day!

Thanks to Kristen and Beth from CT PLT we have some great activities to use.  

For this activity before you go outside you should think about your favorite tree (if you don’t have a favorite one yet, think about one in your yard or neighborhood), picture that tree in your mind and then draw that tree from memory.  After you have completed your picture then go outside and take a really close look at your tree.  The activity ”The Closer You Look” will give you some ideas of what you might want to look at.  After you have observed your tree draw another picture of it.  

When you come back inside compare the tree that you drew from memory with the tree that you observed.

Fill-in the Adopt a Tree journal so you will have a record of your tree.  Now you can continue to observe and record how your tree changes throughout the seasons.  

Since this is now “your” tree you might want to record words to describe your tree and how it makes you feel.  Later you can use these words to create a poem about your tree.  

Have fun and don’t forget to share your pictures! 

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