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Willard Island – Under Invasion Program

Of interest

Ranger Russ mentioned he was hearing a Yellow Warbler on the Willard Island trail. Below is a picture of a Yellow Warbler taken in Hammonasset Park.

Invasive Plants Seen on Willard Island Trail

Vocabulary Words

  • Invasive (Plant) – a plant not native to a particular area that spreads rapidly and tends to take over habitat eliminating native species
  • Compound– something that combines two different elements
  • Adaptation– when a plant or animal is able to change to better suit its environment
  • Balanced habitat – where plants and animals control each others’ growth, preventing domination by any
  • Diversity -variety

Fun Facts

  • Willard Island was an orchard in Colonial Times
  • Trees with larger trunks and low, wide branches grew in open areas.
  • Trees with branches near the top grew close to other trees.

Not So Fun Facts

  • Invasive plants have an advantage and can out compete natives.
  • They impact species biodiversity of an area, which includes the plants, insects and animals.


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