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Putman Memorial State Park
499 Black Rock Turnpike
Redding, CT 06896


  • Putnam Memorial Park – a Connecticut state park that was the site where General Israel Putnam and his Continental Army division encamped during the winter of 1778-1779.
  • Firebacks – remains of the enlisted soldier’s chimneys. The park includes heaps of stones marking the site of some of the 116 log huts in which the brigades were quartered (12 men per hut).

Fun Facts

  • The park was established in 1887 and was expanded through a series of land donations to the state in the late 1880s and ‘90s.
  • The park includes a monument built in 1888 to commemorate the Continental Army officers and enlisted soldiers who were stationed there, remains of the encampment, reconstructed log buildings, and a museum.

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