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More photos from the walk

Wood Aster
Slender Fragrant Goldenrod


Lake or Pond?

Lakes and ponds are both standing or slow-moving bodies of water. They are often distinguished by their size, with lakes being larger than ponds. However, the actual size cutoff between the two is rather arbitrary and may differ between geographic regions.

Another feature that limnologists (scientists that study inland aquatic ecosystems) will often use to distinguish between a pond and a lake is depth. Ponds are shallow bodies of standing water in which light penetrates to the bottom sediments. Therefore, the entire bottom of the pond is in the “photic zone”, where plants could conceivably grow. Lakes, on the other hand, are deeper and have an “aphotic zone”, where sunlight can’t reach. Lakes may also have different thermal layers, which ponds don’t tend to have.

Fun Facts

  • Chicory was introduced to America during colonial times. Its roots are used to prepare teas and a coffee-like drink.
Chicory seen on the walk

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