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Clipboard or hard surface.

  • First, collect a leaf. You want to look for trees not in thick cover, because the branches are lower and the leaves will be easier to reach.
  • Pick a typical leaf, place it under the paper, then rub a crayon over it.
  • Next, put the paper on the trunk of the tree to do rubbing for bark.
  • Label your picture!
One that Ranger Russ did on the walk.

Fun Facts

  • Sugar Maple leaves get larger than Red Maple leaves; Sugar maple leaves also have u-shaped notches, compared with Red Maple leaves, which have v-shaped notches.
  • The Larch tree is a conifer, but the leaves are shed in autumn like those of deciduous trees.
  • The bark of a Cherry tree changes as it grows, getting rougher and darker as it matures.
  • When Pin Oaks grow in the open, they develop an almost perfect arrowhead shape.

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