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  • Corvid – a family of birds that includes crows, ravens and jays. These birds are considered to be remarkably intelligent.
  • Fish Crow – a member of the Corvid family that is all black and live salong Eastern US beaches, marsh and water areas. They are related to, but smaller than, the American Crow.
  • Fledgling – a young bird that has developed wing feathers that are large enough for flight (fledge).


Fun Facts

  • It is not true that a parent bird will abandon its baby bird if you touch it, as birds do not have a sense of smell.
  • If you have found a baby bird with no obvious injury, it is most likely a fledgling. It is best to leave it or put it back in its nest or on a branch so that the parents will come back and feed it. Keep an eye on it, and if it stops making noise or does not appear to be eating, bring it to a rehabilitator.
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