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Long Island Sound (plus some more beachcombing!)


  • Estuary – a partly enclosed coastal body of water in which river water is mixed with seawater.
  • Sound – a body of water open only on one side, with the other 3 sides surrounded by land.

Fun Facts About the Long Island Sound!

  • The Long Island Sound is an estuary, with 90% of its fresh water coming from the Thames, Connecticut and Housatonic rivers.
  • The Long Island Sound is 90 miles long and has approximately 600 miles of coastline. It is about 21 miles across at its widest.
  • There are 18 trillion gallons of water in Long Island Sound. Its maximum depth is around 300ft, but the average depth is only 78 ft.
  • Over 120 species of fin fish are native to the Long Island Sound, and about 50 species of fish spawn here.
  • 90% of CT’s population lives within 50 miles of the Long Island Sound.
  • Overall, the Long Island Sound is getting cleaner each year!
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