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  • Squabs – Pigeon chicks.
  • Keel – an extension of the sternum (breastbone) of a bird which runs axially along the midline of the sternum and extends outward.
  • Crop milk – a secretion from the lining of the crop of parent birds, similar in composition to mammalian milk, that is regurgitated to young birds. It is found among all pigeons and doves, as well as Flamingos and Emperor Penguins.

Fun Facts

  • Another name for the Common Pigeon is the Rock Dove.
  • This bird has been domesticated to be a racing or homing Pigeon. Many of the Pigeons you see in the wild were domesticated, but did not return home.
  • The pigeon has been used throughout history as a messenger, dating as far back as 2500 BC. During both WWI and WWII, the pigeon saved many human lives by carrying messages across enemy lines.
  • Pigeons only lay 1-2 eggs at a time.
  • Common Pigeons are not native to North America, but are now found worldwide, with the exception of the Sahara Desert, Antarctica and the high Arctic.
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