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Bird Blind/Field Walk at Meigs Point

Fun Facts

  • Male Fiddler Crabs have one front claw the is much larger than the other. It was thought that the size of this claw was important to attract mates, but it turns out that it is actually the size of the hole that the male can dig in the mud that is what matters to females.
  • For the past few years, a hybrid Tricolored x Little Blue Heron has been seen at Hammonasset. It was difficult for Ranger Russ to know if the bird he spotted at the beginning of this video was that bird or a regular Little Blue Heron, due to his distance from the bird. Below are some photos of each type of Heron. One way to distinguish between them is that Tricolored Herons have white bellies, while Little Blue Heron’s bellies are blue-gray in color. 


Little Blue Heron

Tricolored Heron


Some photos from the walk

Glasswort (the red color seen in the salt marsh in the fall)






High-tide Bush (Marsh Elder)



Purple Aster (? New York Aster)

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